Top Winter Fashion Picks for 2020

Top Winter Fashion Picks for 2020

This past year has been a crazy year to put it mildly. While fashion may be the last thing on your mind the thought of dressing up a bit and dancing around our living space can bring a brief smile smile to one's face. At any rate, we want to keep you in the loop about what to wear while staying safe. Here are our top fashion picks for winter 2020.

Check Mate

While tonal colors were represented in a great deal on the run ways this winter, there was one print that certainly got its fair share of the spot light, Checkered!  Far from the days of the lumber jack look, the traditional plaid pattern was a top go to for many prominent fashion designers from Saint Laurent to Alexander McQueen. They all embraced this bold yet traditional look.

Due to its timeless appeal, this is a great print, even for those who shy from bold patterns . It can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe. The plaid look is definitely one that will stick around for decades to come!

 Leather Me Please

The Faux Leather or Pu Leather trend has found its way to becoming a fashion fixture since Keanu Reeves dawned the structured look in the Matrix. This sleek fabric can be found in almost any form from pants,  coats, and even hats. This is a testament to the versatility of a time honored look. The leather look adds a touch of class to any attire.

Add A Pop Of Color

Whether your'e at the office or out for drinks your attire should stand out as much as your personality. Adding Pops of color can liven up any situation. Start by trying to incorporating some bolder looks into your wardrobe like bright reds or blues. Once you've found the right hue to compliment your completion you're good to go. Go out and be the center of attention you deserve to be!



Armed and Dangerous

While many of the hues represented on the run ways this season were toned down, designers made up for the the lack of dramatics by adding bold shoulders and sleeves. Puffs and oversized designs were seen from many top designers and they didn't cut corners on bringing the drama. This trend is a real stand out and and an eye catching trend to say the least. These big and over the top sleeves adorned with puffs, ruffles, and tassels are design for the ages.



Keep it Neutral

It’s one of the longest-lasting trends for the past few seasons, and it isn’t going anywhere soon. These monochromatic and neutral outfits are easy to replicate and look great on everyone. Choose from a sandy-colored suit with a turtleneck to a boilersuit or leather skirt. Don’t be afraid to experiment with varying shades of this neutral tone – try sand, camel, or even buff. The opportunities are endless, and it is a timeless option for anyone’s closet.

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